Home Court Advantage – Can You Believe All You Hear?

Whether it’s baseball, basketball or football season, it doesn’t seem to be a day off not to hear or read comments about this or other team having a home advantage.

One of the problems when discussing the benefits of home games is that people tend to focus only on the percentage of home games won. At first glance, it may seem that although Team A wins 75% of its home games, it has a clear home advantage. But what if the team wins 73% of away games? Now the benefit does not seem so great. Of course they have won a lot of home games, but they have also won a lot of their away games.

Now let’s look at Team B, which wins 55% of home games. At first it seems that he has a much smaller home advantage than Team A. But do we come to the same conclusion when we find out that Team B has won only 25% of their away games? Unlike Team A, which was successful everywhere, Team B played well at home, but not very well.

I mean, whether a team has a home advantage or not can’t be judged solely on the percentage of home wins. This requires comparison between the team’s home and away performances. Thus, Team A has an advantage on its field of 2 percentage points (75% of victories on the field minus 73% of away wins), while Team B has an advantage on its field of 30 percent (55% of victories on the field minus 25% of away victories). I think it’s quite obvious that playing at home compared to playing away has a much greater impact on Team B’s success than on team A’s success.

If you look at home advantage from this point of view, it will become clear that many of what is considered a home advantage are actually just good teams; these are teams that win a lot at home and away. Remember, home advantage is not the amount you earn at home. This may well be an indicator of your team’s quality. The real advantage of a home is how much you earn at home compared to how much you earn at home. The bigger the difference, the greater the advantage can be attributed to playing at home.

In a new book, “Not in our house! The decade-long home field advantages in U.S. sports ” use real data at home and away to show which sports and teams have a “real” advantage – at home and to what extent.

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